Unique Jewelry Display

I have lots of necklaces and have been trying to come up with an interesting way to display as well as store them. I had a sudden flash of inspiration when I was in Home Depot a few weeks ago. I thought it would be fun to have them hang on pull knobs from the wall - just an eclectic mix of knobs. But then I realized that you can't put pull knobs on a wall - they have to go through something. So then I thought of mounting the knobs on a piece of plywood that I would paint to match the duvet cover in our bedroom. But THEN I remembered that I had an old window that I had always wanted to do something creative with!! So here is my old window - I picked it up off the street years ago when someone was renovating their house. I wanted it to look organic - not too "thought out". So I went with a slightly ragged row of knobs across the top. I wanted the most amount of knobs I could get on the window to hold lots of jewelry and decided to hang it sideways.

I just kept going - adding my knobs in no particular order and soon it looked like this!
I knew that the window would be heavy - so I screwed little eye hooks on the top corners on the back of the window to tie hanging wire to. I nailed a 30 lbs. picture frame hanger into the wall just to be safe. Although I weighed it afterwards and it is only 17 lbs. That is a heavy window!!

And then I added my jewelry! I think it makes for a nice piece of art work too - although my husband does not share that view. Sigh - men. I might wrap a ribbon around the wire to hide it and make it prettier. This was a really fun project - and one I would like to do more often. If this is something you think you would like for yourself or to give as a very one-of-a-kind gift but don't have the time or inclination to create yourself :: let me know and 1970 Dogwood Street can custom make one for you.