Spring Has Sprung


Now that Spring is officially here we have a few tips to make your house more open, light, springy and clean! ONE - Start with windows. Cleaning even just the inside will make a huge difference in the amount of light that comes in your windows. I cleaned my kitchen windows last week and I can't believe how much sunnier it is in here! It's a big return for a bit of elbow grease.

TWO - Wipe down the baseboards in your house. They get very dirty and dusty. Use hot, sudsy water and a rag to loosen and remove the dirt, then wipe dry.
THREE - Change your furnace filter and if you have a company that helps with your AC and heating, have them come out to check to make sure your AC will be ready to go when it gets hot!
FOUR - Change out your vacuum cleaner bag. Once it gets too full it will not work properly. And while you are at it - clean up around the baseboards to get any dirt that fell on the floor.
FIVE - Clean out your medicine cabinet. This is a good project to do every 6 months. Throw out expired medications, make sure your band aids are in stock (lots more playing outside with the warmer weather!) and make room for sunscreen! For more tips see our recent blog titled Linen Closet Transformed. Ditto for your make up. Throw out old mascaras and those eye shadows you never did use. Treat yourself to a new spring color.
SIX - Get your coat closet and or mudroom ready for the new season. Put mittens, heavy scarves, hats and snow boots away. Make room for sports equipment, light rain coats, (more) sunscreen and baseball hats!
Enjoy the transformation!