Sneak Peek: Organizing during a Snow Storm!

For all our readers out there, thanks for tuning in every once in awhile!  At this point, you realize that we don't spend lots of time twiddling our thumbs ... actually, we don't know anyone who does that!!

I tend to get bursts of energy and try to tackle a problem area that I see in my house -- believe me, there are plenty of them!!

I decided to make some sense of the general area near my bedside table -- from the photo, you'll see why I thought it deserved attention.

I love to have all my magazines within arm's reach .... you never know what you're in the mood for.  However, I realize I that not only is this not the best way to stack them (!), it is also impossible to find anything.  The worst of both worlds!
Of course, in order to "organize" your stuff, you need to set aside some time -- this took me about 30 minutes, and I was determined to see it to completion.  Wow.  It really did make me feel better to sort through, decide what could be recycled or donated, and what needed to be saved somewhere else in the house.
Finally, I got it to look like this: 

And of course, that is not practical or useful either!  So I played with the contents a bit, and decided I could live with this:

My notebooks are within reach, I have some tins for smaller items, and I have some library books and newest magazines just waiting for me!  Success.