Linen Closet Transformed

My linen closet:  my nemesis.  In theory, it is large enough to store all the stuff I need.  In reality, it looks like this:

My main objective was to make sure that the linen closet only contains linens, medicine, and some cleaning supplies.

So, I set aside some time, and dove right in.  (Start to finish, with lots of interruptions from the littles, it took about 90 minutes.)  First, I scoured the rest of my house to find empty/extra containers to store stuff in.  I find that this is helpful at the beginning of an organizing project, because you have to have SOME PLACE to put stuff as you begin to pull things out.

Sure enough, soon it started to look like this:

I threw out tons of expired medicine, products I no longer use, empty containers (!), etc.  I put aside some cosmetics cases, and old (but perfectly good) toothbrush holder, a discarded hair dryer, and some unopened products for donation.  I  moved some towels to another bathroom, and moved a set of sheets to another floor.  I discovered I had way more bars of soap that I thought I had! 
Bottom line, I can now open this closet and immediately lay my hands on what I need.  Such a good feeling!


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