Have You Ever Tried Quinoa Salad?

We all know that quinoa is really healthy for us and we should be eating more of it. And it's easy to cook : I cook it right in my rice cooker on the white rice setting. It cooks in about 20 minutes, so if I am short on time it is my go-to grain! The bonus is that my kids will eat it.plain. I, however, am not totally sold on it. It's a little dry, a little crumbly, but tasty enough. Nothing like good old sticky, white jasmine rice! But being that we are trying to eat more healthfully, I keep making quinoa. So the other day when I was rummaging around the fridge looking for something to eat for lunch, I pulled out my quinoa and all the veggies I had too. I chopped romaine lettuce, spinach, parsley, red peppers, cucumbers and strawberries and added all that to the leftover quinoa. I then added chick peas, feta cheese and sunflower seeds, tossed the whole thing with a lemon vinaigrette and sat down to lunch! I loved it! I was full! And it was healthy! And my 11 year old loved it too! You can use whatever you like, or whatever you have in the fridge for the salad. If you are looking for more ways to cook and eat quinoa, Wendy Polisi has a great website and you can sign up to get weekly recipes emailed to you. Check it out :: cookingquinoa.net