Tips to Hang Art

This is a conundrum that most of us can identify with:  you have some favorite pieces but you can't quite find a home for them on your walls, or you are not sure how high to hang your art, or how to group pieces together.  But once you figure those things out, you can really punch up the walls in your living room, bedroom, bath, or even down a hallway.  Another example of using what you have to create something amazing in your home.
First things first.  Only put up art that makes you happy or that evokes a memory.  It's perfectly fine to start from scratch or to replace/change your art groupings.

If you want to use one large piece, find a wall that is a suitable size so the art doesn't float with nothing to ground it.  Once you have identified what you'd like to hang, figure out what walls you'd like to highlight.  Maybe an area over a table, or tucked into the corner of a living room.  As far as how high to hang art, a good rule of thumb is this:  hang your art so that the middle of the piece is at your eye level, approximately 60-65 inches from the floor.

Often, you need to build a grouping, which can be intimidating. Choose things with the same theme or with similar frames or with similar sizes.  Many people are drawn to a salon effect, where you get a bunch of things amassed along a wall.  The Young House Love blog did a great post about this very topic and explains how they achieved it.

We worked on this wall (below) for a bedroom.  The vintage gate will serve as headboard and we added other small groupings around it, along with the unseen lamps, that make it the focal point for the room.

Here:  the homeowner had two favorite framed photos of flowers but wanted to create a larger grouping that was slightly asymmetrical.  
Here we used two black and white photos with similar frames and hung them next to a light switch to pull  the attention away from the light switch and towards the beautiful art!

PS.  We can help you decide what to hang and where, and even do it for you!