Reusing Cereal Bags

I learned of this great idea years ago from a cooking magazine - and have been using it ever since. When I cook chicken breasts I usually thin them out by putting them inside cereal bags (yes, you have finished the cereal - Cheerios bags are the best because there is no smell or sweetness left behind) and pounding them with a rolling pin. The bag pictured is a Triscuit bag.

Place the chicken in bag and pound with a rolling pin, a bottle of wine works too. Then rip open the bag at seam and season. I used salt and pepper.

I affectionately call this meal, Boring Chicken. I saute onions, garlic and ginger -although to be honest some nights it is just onions and it still tastes great! Then add the chicken seasoning side down, cook about 8 minutes and flip, season the other side and cook until done. Yum! Serve with rice or quinoa and a side of veggies for an easy meal. My 6 year old likes the chicken chopped into pieces and mixed with rice. Gotta love it!