Organizing and Making Your Own Supply Kits

I have been inspired lately to really clean out my house! It doesn't happen often - so I am running with it. Thought I would share with you some of my challenges and a couple of solutions too. I recently hung some pictures, long sitting on the floor, on the walls of my bedroom, added a sorely needed dresser, and cleared some clutter! Having done this got me really excited and I wanted to be able to do more of this around the house easily. Now - there is nothing easy about de-cluttering your house (if you are really stuck and just can't even think about where to begin, call or email us at 1970 Dogwood Street, and we will get you started!) but having the right tools to hang pictures, tighten pull knobs, and dust any and all surfaces, makes the job SOOOO much easier and faster! Here is what I did once I saw how nice it was to have a clean bedroom and unobstructed floor space: made tool kits. I took all the tools -hammer, socket wrench, screw drivers and every little nut and bolt that were gathered in my "junk drawer" and organized them into one place. One mobile place.

 I put all the little things (picture hanging kits, nails, screw)  into screw-top jars and the bulkier things (screw drivers, felt pad furniture protectors, hammer, duct tape) into a medium sized container and then added them all to a plastic carrier with handles. Now this sits in my hall closet, and when I have a little project - I know where everything is and how to find it! Doing this takes a huge amount of the pressure off  the project because you know that having the right tools on hand is half the battle. And don't stop there :: you can do this for cleaning products, arts and craft supplies for the kids - or yourself, sewing materials, gift-wrapping supplies, card making materials and on and on. If you are like me and have 35 reusable bags that you have picked up over the years, you can use those to store all these kits. As long as they are accessible you will use them and get what you need done! Good luck!