Discovering Polenta

I try to get dinner on the table quickly -- who doesn't?  I typically build a meal around some protein: chicken, turkey, burgers and a vegetable, but it's nice to mix in something else like brown rice or quinoa.  I found this polenta at Trader Joe's, and my neighbor gave me these tips for easy prep:

Just slice the log of polenta into thin discs -- not too thin or it becomes hard to work with -- maybe 1/4 inch thick?  Then spread onto a sheet pan lined with foil.  Drizzle olive oil and flip to coat both sides, then a little salt + pepper.  Bake on high heat -- 400 degrees -- for 20 minutes.  I like mine to be pretty crispy -- the kids call them corn cakes! -- but they could be a little mushy if you don't like the crisp texture.  We just eat them plain, but you can sprinkle cheese on them if you'd like.

Here's some before and after shots.  Enjoy!