Make Your Own Creative Gift

I drink tea and have been buying it in these really nice, sturdy tins. Once the tea is gone however, I don't need a bunch of Tazo tins cluttering up the house! So I am re-gifting them this holiday season. You can start with any tin, and then will need: thin paper, I used origami paper I found in a pack in Michael's, tissue paper would work too, glue, water and a little paint brush.

Start by cutting the paper to the right size height wise. My paper was 6x6 inches and so did not wrap around with one piece. I cut three pieces. Once the pieces are ready, mix glue and a little water just to thin it out so that you can paint it onto the tin. Paint as you go along so that the glue does not dry before you get the paper on it.

They are great alone or filled with goodies! Loose or bagged tea, candies, nuts, potpourri, colored pencils, the list goes on and on - be creative!