Making a Bedroom Bigger

My daughter has a small room. We bought her a loft bed to help maximize space and over the years have tried various storage solutions, most of which were too bulky for her room. Finally I hit on the full wall shelf idea and it worked like a charm! Here are some before and after shots :

We did not have enough shelving in her room for all her books, American Girl dolls and cute knick-knacks. I started by repainting the room with a more vibrant color green that my daughter picked. I went to Home Depot and bought all the materials necessary to put shelving up all along one wall in her room.

Using a level, a cordless electric drill, and drywall screws, we put up the shelving brackets. Because we had screws for drywall we did not need to worry about finding the studs. These shelves will not have really heavy things on them.



Once the brackets are in place, all we had to do was decide how to space out the shelves and then put them on. Now she has so much room for all her things without taking away any of the floor space. It makes the room look and feel much bigger!