Thursday, May 28, 2015

A New Custom Headboard

One of our favorite couples/clients decided to upgrade their existing headboard, and replaced it with a custom tufted headboard that features a unique fabric and takes advantage of the large ceiling height in their room.  We still need to work on shams to match the bedding, but that bed is quickly becoming the focal point in the room.

Have we mentioned how much we love our custom sewing guy?  He helps us with all our custom projects involving window treatments and upholstered items.  Very talented.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Before/After :: Creating an Art Space (without spending a dime!)

 I've been taking a painting class for the last several months, and I was searching for a place to keep my supplies available and organized, yet tucked into a cozy area with natural light.  It occurred to me one day to convert a pass-through hallway (with a door that we rarely use) into my sacred space.

First things first.  I had to find a home for all the other stuff that currently resided in the hallway.  The hardest part for most projects is to take that first step!  But once I got into it, it actually went pretty quickly and forced me to organize other areas as well.  Win-win!

The exercise bike got moved back into the family room, where it belongs!

The table, which had been holding a bunch of books, old notebooks, framed art, and other flotsam, got cleared off ... and I realized I could use it at the end of the hallway if I turned it.  Fit perfectly!

I also pulled up the rug ... not sure if I'll put it back down.  It's been there for 7 years and is perfectly functional, but I may live without it for awhile.

I dusted and swept the floors (what a difference!) and tried a task lamp, but I think I'll like the cozy light of the larger lamp better.  We'll see.

It's been really fun to have my own space with a view of my backyard.  I'll be able to accessories the walls and maybe add a few ledges for temporary displays + storage ... down the road.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

True Food Kitchen in Mosaic

We recently took a field trip to check out a new restaurant in the Mosaic District.  The food was great, but we were equally enthralled with the design of the interior.  They mixed industrial chairs together with rustic tables, and the lighting is eclectic, which we always enjoy!

Oh yes, the food.  The quinoa burger is gluten free and quite tasty.  The "bread" is actually made from quinoa and lots of spices.  The side dishes were also interesting.  Our friends tried a vegetable pizza.

My favorite part of the design?  The bathroom!  Check out the planked wall, industrail pipe sconces, bubble tile behind the mirror.  I hope no one thought it was weird that I was secretly taking pictures in there:)